That’s right, free Kabam Game Cards!

free kabam game cards and moreWelcome to, if you haven’t guessed it yet, this site is about one thing- getting free Kabam game cards. I love Kabam games, they really are a lot of fun and there’s great people there. My personal favorite is Dragons of Atlantis, it’s awesome being able to fight other players, build your army, etc.

The one down side of playing games on Kabam, is that you need Kabam game cards to get in game currency, without the currency you can’t stand a chance against the other big players. Sure, there’s some people there that must be crazy wealthy, within the first week of a new realm getting 10 million power plus from buying bonuses and speeds. For the rest of us, we have to work for it, and spending hard earned money is no fun.

Thats where Points2Shop comes in


P2S is a rewards site where people can sign up, complete offers and surveys, and earn free Kabam game cards and tons of other great gaming rewards. Made specifically for gamers, they offer everything from game cards to consoles, gift cards to gaming gear. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just tell us what you want and you can claim it as a reward!

We want to give you free Kabam game cards, and we want you to invite your friends so they can get the free kabam cards too! Before you do, you’re going to want to know how everything works.

How it Works

You do offers and surveys we get from various advertisers all over the web. Those advertisers pay P2S, and they take that and give it to you for doing the offer/survey. To make sure you get your rewards, it is set up with a points system. When you do an offer, you earn points. Those points are then redeemed for the reward of your choice. If you don’t see the reward you want just tell us and we’ll add it!

You can also earn bonus points by inviting your friends. When someone you invite to the site earns points, you earn $1 plus a matched 15% of what they earn. Invite your friends before they invite you!

Contests and Jackpot

 (edit- this part is about the site I used to promote here, but it works very similar to P2S so I left it) To help you along in earning the free kabam game cards, there are frequent contests and a weekly jackpot. For each offer you do, you get 1 entry for every 10 points of offer value, and more points are added to the jackpot. Every week the jackpot is split between 5 lucky winners, so just by doing one quick and easy offer you have a shot at winning something awesome.

Offer contests- These are contests for our most active members. The member who does the most offers during an offer contest wins.
Referral Contests- These are contests for our most popular members. The member who invites the most new members during the referral contest wins.

With several ways to earn, you can get your free kabam game cards in no time! What are you waiting for, join now!

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